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Our comprehensive server management services empower you with an expert team of server administrators who carefully monitor and maintain your server for optimal performance


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Build, engineering, and support of a wide range of networks, including complicated service provider networks and branch office networks

CRM List Management

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Fiber Optic

Strong transportation networks that use our fiber optic intelligent transportation solutions provide you with the network capacity you need right now and the scalability you'll need in the future.

Marketing & Commuication

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Data Center

Data centers are an integral part of modern IT infrastructure. Modern data centers are equipped with cutting-edge networking, computing, and storage hardware.




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Servers Management

Let our experts supervise your IT so you can focus on your business

With our most advanced services includes; 24/7 IT support, NOC monitoring, web monitoring, and security checks. We make sure the server is always operational by keeping an eye on all of its components, including its CPU, DISK, RAM, Mail Queue, FTP, DNS, MySQL, and other services. In the event of an emergency or outage, we will act on your behalf to quickly get the server back online.

We have years of production experience, therefore we can solve any problem without spending a lot of time looking up any kind of documentation. We resolve every problem as rapidly as possible to minimize resolution times. Included in our work are Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, FreeBSD, and other operating systems. The greatest services are available from us for managing Linux servers, cPanel servers, Plesk servers, Windows servers, and Proactive servers.

Juniper Networks Service

The Importance of Network Infrastructure & Network Devices

Amply Solutions is here to help you if you are having problems using Juniper Networks products or if you want to outsource a Juniper Networks project on JUNOS with MX series, PTX series, EX series, QFX series, and SRX.

You can hire Juniper Networks expert to help them with Juniper Networks job support or Juniper Networks project support. Our Juniper Networks specialist can help with Juniper Networks projects from start to finish, additionally to installing and configuring Juniper Networks firewalls, routing, and switching.

We can provide end-to-end implementation support for Juniper Networks within the time range you set. So that you can complete your project on time, we'll guide you through the Juniper Networks installation process step-by-step.

Optical Transportation

The network capacity you need today and in the future is provided by intelligent transportation systems.

Fiber optic cables are essential for transmitting high volumes of data quickly from one point to another. Therefore, many ISPs have a backbone of fiber optic cables to ensure network traffic flows smoothly.

PoPs are distributed access points that allow users to connect to the internet via their internet service provider. Placing access points closer to users lowers latency and reduces the bottlenecks inherent in a centralised network setup.

Our fiber optic intelligent transportation solutions are used in robust transportation networks that offers you the network capacity you need today and scalability you need in the future. This is accomplished in addition with reducing your network and infrastructure management complexities. Amply Solutions is your ultimate solutions partner for transportation system networks. We offer you the customised solution and support that best fits your needs in the transportation sector.

Data Center

Data Center Resources has expertise in environments that are mission-critical

Data centers are rapidly becoming a strategic type of investment, driven by the need to support business and mission-critical operations of your company. Companies need to operate in an environment where service reliability and performance of their data centers is of utmost importance to support their ongoing business operations.

Cable management systems are designed to remove loose cables from the data center. These increase airflow and reduce congestion in the cabinet. A well-designed cable management system ensures that all components work efficiently together.

We installers offer customers thorough server cabinet assembly and installation. Our enclosure installers provide a customized installation based on the specific site conditions and customer requirements. We work on server rack infrastructure, cooling optimization, aisle containment, power management, data center monitoring, and data center flooring.

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We are fully committed to ensuring business owners have the most dependable and competent IT so they can focus on expanding their businesses, regardless of whether you want to create your first computer network, sustain an existing network, or extend your current technology.

When you work with Amply Solutions we will advise and guide you on the impact that specific technology decisions will play in your company’s future.

Our service plans include weekly onsite visits and scheduled maintenance. We deliver what you need without overstepping your budget. From monitoring to data backup, Amply Solutions can proactively prepare your IT infrastructure. Rather than reacting to problems after they occur, problems are anticipated and acted upon before they happen.

Grow your business with Amply Solutions

Whether you’re looking to install your first computer network, support an existing network, or expand your current technology, we are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT services so they can concentrate on growing their business.

When you utilize our managed IT support and IT monitoring services, we will advise and guide you on the impact technology decisions will have. No matter what size your company is today, as your managed IT provider, we bring enterprise-level support and service.

An estimated 78% of IT budgets are spent on managing existing systems and software infrastructure. Why not leverage an affordable, world-class IT management solution from a company that has proven experience?


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